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In the Oshkosh community, we've shared countless life milestones and holiday moments with Hughes' chocolates. It warms our hearts to continue offering these cherished traditions and memories to you and your loved ones, no matter where life has led. Many of our loyal customers return annually to spread love and indulge in these delightful chocolates with family, friends and themselves!

Mail Me Chocolates

Bringing Chocolate to Your Doorstep

Just like Hughes' chocolate, we are also a small family business. Mail Me Chocolates started as a hobby entrepreneurship in September of 2005 when Michelle was granted permission to mail these exclusive Oshkosh chocolates across the country.

Since 2005 Michelle works their full-time job to return home and process customer orders, respond to messages and provide the best customer experience possible.

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Hughes' Home Maid Chocolates

An Oshkosh Staple

Hughes' Home Maid Chocolates, LTD, established in 1942, continues its legacy with three generations of candy makers. All chocolates are handcrafted and exclusively sold from the very basement of the original Hughes' home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Their commitment to quality is unwavering, using only the finest ingredients for the candy centers, and these time-honored recipes have remained unchanged since its inception.